The use of a server consumes 0.251 kilowatts / h and rejects 181.148 kg of carbon into the atmosphere each year (the equivalent of more than 1000km by a commercial aircraft).

With Sybaweb and it’s SybaCloud Server, you can reduce your carbon emissions because we estimate that you can integrate five virtual servers within one physical server, with a full efficiency.

And what is good for the planet is good for your finances. You also reduce your energy costs by 5 if you migrate to our SybaCloud Servers.

Carbon footprint saved per year (kg) Money saved per year (Rand)
5 servers = 1 VPS 724,6 kg R 5696
10 servers = 2 VPS 1 449,2 kg R 11392
20 servers = 4 VPS 2 898,4 kg R 22784

* Based on the price of R 0,6478 per kW/h