• Boost competitiveness through technology
• Enable remote access to critical data and apps
• Boost collaboration and data sharing


The movement to cloud is inevitable as companies start looking at ways to integrate cloud into their operations. The benefit of moving to SybaCloud is that it offers:

Mobility: increased ability of staff to gain access to business systems, no matter where they are.
Flexibility: the cloud solution can be scaled relative to business requirements.
Agility: increased ability to respond to market and competitor movements, which translates to efficient and effective allocation of computing resources.
Business Efficiency: the development of cloud strategies leads to increased efficiency in both business process and computing resources.
Cost Effectiveness: improved business processes and efficient allocation of computing resources translate to significant cost savings.
Solution Deployment: once the solution is developed it can be deployed quickly.
Scalability: scale your computing power to meet your data and bandwidth demands.

While the benefits of cloud computing are significant, so is the complexity of planning, building and managing a cloud environment. SybaWeb’s Sybacloud solution provides companies with the guidance necessary to enjoy a well prepared and positive business move to cloud. The SybaWeb approach has been developed utilizing the ITIL framework whereby we look to develop our cloud solutions based on a 3 tiered approach:


Evaluation through engaging with your business to fully understand your requirements is of utmost importance as it forms the basis of the solution, refining your business visions for cloud. The learning stage is interactive and assesses the strategic solution that is being developed, qualifying your cloud-related needs and requirements. The deployment stage is the implementation of the cloud solution once the solution has been optimised to suit your business needs.