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  • Boost competitiveness through technology
  • Enable remote access to critical data and apps
  • Boost collaboration and data sharing

The movement to cloud is inevitable as companies start looking at ways to integrate cloud into their operations. The benefit of moving to SybaCloud is that it offers:

  • Mobility: increased ability of staff to gain access to business systems, no matter where they are.
  • Flexibility: the cloud solution can be scaled relative to business requirements.
  • Agility: increased ability to respond to market and competitor movements, which translates to efficient and effective allocation of computing resources.
  • Business Efficiency: the development of cloud strategies leads to increased efficiency in both business process and computing resources.
  • Cost Effectiveness: improved business processes and efficient allocation of computing resources translate to significant cost savings.
  • Solution Deployment: once the solution is developed it can be deployed quickly.
  • Scalability: scale your computing power to meet your data and bandwidth demands.

While the benefits of cloud computing are significant, so is the complexity of planning, building and managing a cloud environment. SybaWeb's Sybacloud solution provides companies with the guidance necessary to enjoy a well prepared and positive business move to cloud. The SybaWeb approach has been developed utilizing the ITIL framework whereby we look to develop our cloud solutions based on a 3 tiered approach:

  • Evaluate
  • Learn
  • Deploy

Evaluation through engaging with your business to fully understand your requirements is of utmost importance as it forms the basis of the solution, refining your business visions for cloud. The learning stage is interactive and assesses the strategic solution that is being developed, qualifying your cloud-related needs and requirements. The deployment stage is the implementation of the cloud solution once the solution has been optimised to suit your business needs.

Ensuring the availability of data company-wide with our focus on reliability, connectivity and security. Data is a critical business asset and the hunger to consume vast amounts of new data is growing exponentially. Constant reliable and rapid access to this business asset is mission critical for any successful company. SybaWeb promises to deliver constant uptime for our clients' mission critical systems.


SybaWeb believes that data is the heart and soul of any company. Every client must be ensured speedy access, reliability and security to maintain the competitive advantage. We acknowledge the need for flexibility and scalability to remain efficient, so when your business grows we are able to cater for you.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Focus on business - not IT deployment

Cloud computing was originally established in an attempt to run IT more efficiently and at a lower cost. The focus has since shifted to driving business value and innovation across companies. SaaS solutions are capable of accelerating business process innovation, delivering business analytics at the point of impact, and enable collaboration within and across the company.

Delivering value in three ways:

  • Accelerate business process innovation
    • Mitigate budget challenges
    • Reduce time to benefit
    • Keep up with changing business needs
  • Deliver business analytics at the point of impact
    • Realize faster time to insight
    • Activate big data where it matters
    • Collaborate with shared analytics
  • Connect people with collaborative business networks
    • Reach the connected consumer and the networked workforce
    • Align the connected enterprise within and across organizational boundaries

Today, IT is under more pressure than ever to align with business and reach strategic goals. Taking advantage of SybaWeb's server managed services allows IT to get the most out of technology while delivering maximum value. As you evolve your organization to make the most of managed services, look to SybaWeb for help. We have the tools, the expertise, and the delivery framework to integrate and optimize managed services that provide business-aligned, secure solutions for today and tomorrow spanning traditional, hybrid, and cloud environments.

  • Quickly respond to business demands
    • Improve agility and efficiency with flexible, customised service packages. Manage technical compliance requirements with our world-class expertise and support.
  • Protect against threats
    • Implement proactive monitoring, scanning, and health checks to detect infrastructure, service, and security events and reduce IT-related risk.
  • Enable growth
    • Get the needed visibility, control, security intelligence, and automation to take your business to the next level.
  • Reduce management costs
    • Leverage a hybrid delivery approach of global and local resources, including public and private cloud and traditional IT.
  • Our Server Management Service includes:
    • 24/7 access to our experienced system administrators
    • 24/7 monitoring of server
    • Ongoing patching & security updates

SybaCloud is our game-changing virtualization server technology.

Server virtualisation provides improved efficiency, productivity and profitability. Virtualisation is fast emerging as a game-changing mainstream technology in the business computing space.

SybaCloud is a technology used for the partitioning of one physical server into multiple virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers can run its own operating system and applications and perform as an individual server. This makes it possible to consolidate multiple servers for use by multiple business divisions.

Primary advantages of server virtualisation
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)Read more
  • Reduce number of serversRead more
  • Improve availability and business continuityRead more
  • Reduced carbon footprintRead more

Server virtualisation in conjunction with live data replication and failover technology provides a high level of data protection at minimum cost.

The SybaCloud Solution provides affordable, seamless, quintessential business continuity and data protection for businesses of any size.

What is Disaster Recovery?

It is the process of recovering critical production systems and company data in the event of hardware failure.

Disaster Recovery for individual servers

The process is manual, time consuming, costly and often unsuccessful.

Disaster Recovery with SybaCloud Solutions

The process is automatic, fast, affordable and successful.

Solution Architecture

SybaCloud Solution: Remote Virtual Office
Do you want to:
  • Reduce capital expenses
  • Improve business continuity
  • Make your operations more responsive/manageable
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

SybaCloud is your solution if any of these or similar conditions apply:
  • There is one or more server in production
  • We have multiple sites or offices
  • Additional server hardware is required to service expansion
  • Infrastructure development is limited by Capital Expenditure constraints
  • Company data is currently an unsecured asset
  • We have an immeasurable disaster recovery solution
  • Our systems are complex; we have experienced data loss and hardware failure
Features Custom Standard Advanced Enterprise
Hardware consolidation
Improved disaster recovery
Improved business continuity
Vm's can be easily moved
Remote 'Virtual Office'
Green - Energy efficiency
Central management from a single console
Ethernet bonding
Email backup reports
Weekly bootable full machine backups to redundant server
Image backups to external storage
Harware failover
Data syncronised
Potential Data-loss in case of failure****

1 Week

2 days-1 week



Potential downtime in case of failure

Up to 1 Week


Up to 1 day/2 days


30 minutes

Disk speeds

Up to 1x

Up to 5x

Up to 10x

ISCSI Target
File-based incremental backup solution
* Replacement hardware must be sourced, installed and configured
** In the case of failure on a single node
*** If nightly file based backups are available data loss decreases, but downtime increases
**** Predictions based on an average of variable factors, ie: disk size, nature of failure. And as such is a guideline only
***** Service is only offered where client's connectivity and mx records are provided by Sybaweb
The green aspect

The use of a server consumes 0.251 kilowatts / h and rejects 181.148 kg of carbon into the atmosphere each year (the equivalent of more than 1000km by a commercial aircraft).

With Sybaweb and it's SybaCloud Server, you can reduce your carbon emissions because we estimate that you can integrate five virtual servers within one physical server, with a full efficiency.

And what is good for the planet is good for your finances. You also reduce your energy costs by 5 if you migrate to our SybaCloud Servers.

  Carbon footprint saved per year (kg) Money saved per year (Rand)
5 servers = 1 VPS 724,6 kg R 5696
10 servers = 2 VPS 1 449,2 kg R 11392
20 servers = 4 VPS 2 898,4 kg R 22784

* Based on the price of R 0,6478 per kW/h