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Managed Services

  • Unlimited support at a fixed monthly fee
  • Leveraged technical expertise
  • Pro-active monitoring and maintenance

SybaWeb's Managed Services encompass full support for every aspect of your IT infrastructure, from basic desktop support to specialised server maintenance.

Our management methodologies and systems we implement strive to eliminate downtime whilst offering a competitive, predictable monthly IT management, maintenance and support cost.

We function as an extension of your business, and prefer to think of ourselves as your partner in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Proper proactive maintenance of a network will improve your productivity, increase the reliability of the systems, and save you money in IT support costs. A proactive approach to support a your IT is definitely the way forward, with on-going monitoring and maintenance reducing the need for onsite visits, as well as remote support allowing problems to be dealt with instantaneously, thus reduce down-time.

  • Reduce financial risk via a fixed monthly management fee, increasing your control over your IT budget.
  • Reduce operational risk through 24 x 7 proactive systems monitoring and alerting.
  • Modular flexibility with options to tailor a solution to support and manage all, or part of your IT infrastructure the way you want.
  • Access a locally-based, 24 x 7 Service Desk.
  • Simplify supplier management by utilising our wide range of solutions and we'll be fully accountable for all aspects of delivery for your IT needs.
  • Access Technology by leveraging our wide range of vendor relationships.
  • Access to knowledge and specialist expertise through the advice and know-how of our certified engineers.
  • High levels of service through strict service level agreements (SLAs), providing guarantees around availability and performance of your IT infrastructure.
  • Increase performance and productivity through better uptime across your infrastructure via proactive, real-time system monitoring and issue detection.
  • Unlimited telephonic, remote or onsite support at a fixed cost.

"We'll simplify the management of your IT whilst helping improve the flexibility and scalability of your business."

Managed Servers

Keep critical IT services available to your business through proactive management of the server infrastructure. We provide service support for a wide range of technologies including the full range of Microsoft Server products and suite of open source systems.

Managed Network

Take away the complexity of managing network infrastructure with our managed network service. We provide service support for a wide range of networking products including LAN, Wireless, Firewall, Load Balancing, Content Filtering, IDS and WAN Optimisation platforms.

Managed User Devices

Service support for the variety of devices your users have, including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. With the rising demand for BYOD computing, our managed devices offerings are an easy way to simplify user device support.

Print Support

Printing is typically a major service for any organisation. We can manage the print ecosystem and cover everything from support of the printer device through to management of print drivers and print solutions.

Data Protection

Protecting your company data is a key objective for us. We will manage the daily protection of your data and ensure that data can be retrieved as and when required. We can also support more comprehensive disaster recovery options to protect your business.

  • One single support operation for your entire IT infrastructure.
  • Ability to solve issues at the first point of call.
  • Access to a large resource of certified technical engineers.
  • 24x7x365 locally based Service Desk.
  • Transition process that enables us to take on board a range of client situations.
  • Customisable Service Level Agreements to suit your organisation's needs.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Monthly consultations with your dedicated Account Team.
  • Standardisation of IT for all branches.
  • Enhanced business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Fast, efficient and secure access to company data continent wide.
  • Asset management and inventory control.
  • Continuous business improvement with strategic guidance and consultancy for optimising your IT infrastructure including business case preparation and upgrade planning.
  • Service Desk and Help Desk based upon ITIL Standards.
Think of our team as your team

You'll have your own Account Manager and Service Desk, as well as direct access to highly certified engineers on our Help Desk for strategic advice on the choice of technologies and approach required to meet your business objectives.

You can customise your services

Pick and choose from any number of our core Managed services:

  • Remote only or Remote, telephonic & included unlimited on-site support?
  • Server and network management only? (e.g. User devices to be managed by current onsite technician?)
  • Monthly consultations with your SybaWeb Account Team?
  • Support coverage options: 8am-6pm or 24 x 7 x 365?

Prior to service commencement, a comprehensive transition management process is initiated to ensure that technological and technical resources are implemented as smoothly as possible. While not the complete list, these activities include:

  • Audit and creation of support documentation for your environment.
  • Help Desk team training to ensure they understand your business as you do.
  • Dedicated Account Manager involvement from the start to maximise the working relationship on all sides.
Monitoring and alerting

Sybaweb is responsible for deployment and maintenance of proactive monitoring, default monitors are put in place, any additional service specific monitors that are required must be requested by the client.

Alerting is setup to alert the Sybaweb service desk, any additional contacts to receive alerts must be requested by the client.

Performance trending and optimisation

Standard system performance monitors are put in place to monitor and track system performance to assist with capacity planning and performance related issues. Additional monitors can be requested by the client.

Optimization on the Service, Operating System, Hypervisor and Storage levels are provided by Sybaweb.

Microsoft patches

Microsoft patches are applied to servers during a weekly maintenance window set by the client. As part of this process servers may be rebooted to complete the installation. Should the maintenance window provided not be suitable on a particular week the client can request that the maintenance window is postponed to a suitable time.

By default only patches classified as critical or important will be automatically applied, optional updates may be installed if it is deemed to provide a benefit or it is requested by the client. Sybaweb may choose not to apply certain patches that have failed Sybaweb testing or have known issues. The client may request that these patches are manually installed. The client may also request that any patch is held back should they require.

Incident, problem and change management

Sybaweb's service desk implements Incident, Problem and Change management based on the ITIL v5 framework. Guaranteed response times are set by priority, which is calculated based on the following table.

Core Services Support Services Non-Urgent Services
All Users Critical High High
Some Users Critical High Medium
One User High Medium Low

The priority is set by Sybaweb Service Desk Staff, should a client disagree with a priority assigned, they can contact their Sybaweb Account Manager to have the priority reviewed.

Response times for the different priorities are as follows.

Office Hours (07:30-18:00 GMT+2 weekdays):
  • Critical: 1 hour
  • High: 4 hours
  • Medium: 8 hours
  • Low: 72 hours

After Hours (18:00-07:30 GMT+2 weekdays, weekends, South African public holidays):
  • Critical: 3 hours
  • High: 17 hours
  • Medium: 21 hours
  • Low: 72 hours


A shared firewall/router firewalls traffic from the internet. By default all inbound ports are blocked and all outbound access is allowed. Client may request ports be opened or that the default allow/deny policy is changed on a per client, or per server basis.


Sybaweb manages all elements of the virtualisation service, which is offered as Platform as a Service. The underlying technologies, hardware, etc form part of Sybaweb�s intellectual property and not publicly disclosed. Sybaweb may change these systems without notice, as long as the change has no impact on the uptime or performance of the client's contracted Virtual Machine offering.


Vipre Business is deployed and threats found create incidents on the Sybaweb Service desk to be resolved. Licensing, scanning and cleaning are all the responsibility of Sybaweb.


Backup regimes are setup on a case by case basis and are the responsibility of Sybaweb, details for a specific regime can be found in the Sybaweb Provisioning Report. The client may request changes to the regime at any time, these changes may carry storage, bandwidth and/or software licensing costs.

High Availability (hypervisor/SAN layer)

Sybaweb provides redundant infrastructure to improve the resilience of clients server instances. These include:

SAN - Active/Passive Failover

Hypervisor - N+1 redundant hypervisors are deployed to minimise downtime in the event of a node failure.

Disaster Recovery

Optional DR sites are available on request and vary in cost depending of level of redundancy, VM specification, DR site location and bandwidth requirements for remote site.

Networking, Routing and VPN

All switch and router infrastructure is fully managed by Sybaweb and is located on shared infrastructure. Dedicated infrastructure is available on request and may carry additional costs.

IP addresses and routes are provided and managed by Sybaweb, additional IPv4/6 address space is available on request and may require justification according to AFRINIC policies before requests are granted.