• We align technology with your business
• We ensure that ICT supports your business to maximize productivity

ICT Consulting

SybaWeb is a provider of integrated ICT solutions and managed services: we provide expert consultation on communications and collaboration, data center and cloud solutions, information and data management, and managed services.

ICT has provided a platform from which companies can leverage their business competitiveness and performance. It has become imperative that a sound strategy is followed. This ensures that ICT can support the business in a way that maximizes productivity while reducing the risk of high future costs.

Our expert consultants marry an understanding of your business’ needs to their past experience and knowledge on future trends. This combination of our expertise and a detailed understanding of how ICT enables your business allow us to plan and advise short to long-term ICT strategies.

Our processes follow the ITIL framework and identify the following four key business enablers.

Business involvement in technology investment and management decisions.
Access to technology focused talent.
Access to management focused talent.
A Digitized Platform in the extent to which technology, business processes and data components are standardized, shared and integrated.