Features Custom Standard Advanced Enterprise
Hardware consolidation
Improved disaster recovery
Improved business continuity
Vm’s can be easily moved
Remote ‘Virtual Office’
Green – Energy efficiency
Central management from a single console
Ethernet bonding
Email backup reports
Weekly bootable full machine backups to redundant server
Image backups to external storage
Harware failover
Data syncronised
Potential Data-loss in case of failure****  1 Week 2 days-1 week***  None**
Potential downtime in case of failure  Up to 1 Week*  Up to 1 day/2 days***  30 minutes**
Disk Speeds Up to 1 Week Up to 1 day/2 days 30 minutes
Potential downtime in case of failure Up to 1x Up to 5x Up to 10x
ISCSI Target
File-based incremental backup solution
* Replacement hardware must be sourced, installed and configured
** In the case of failure on a single node
*** If nightly file based backups are available data loss decreases, but downtime increases
**** Predictions based on an average of variable factors, ie: disk size, nature of failure. And as such is a guideline only
********* Service is only offered where client’s connectivity and mx records are provided by Sybaweb