• Unlimited support at a fixed monthly fee
• Leveraged technical expertise
• Pro-active monitoring and maintenance

Core Services

Managed Servers
Keep critical IT services available to your business through proactive management of the server infrastructure. We provide service support for a wide range of technologies including the full range of Microsoft Server products and suite of open source systems.

Managed Network
Take away the complexity of managing network infrastructure with our managed network service. We provide service support for a wide range of networking products including LAN, Wireless, Firewall, Load Balancing, Content Filtering, IDS and WAN Optimisation platforms.

Managed User Devices
Service support for the variety of devices your users have, including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. With the rising demand for BYOD computing, our managed devices offerings are an easy way to simplify user device support.

Print Support
Printing is typically a major service for any organisation. We can manage the print ecosystem and cover everything from support of the printer device through to management of print drivers and print solutions.

Data Protection
Protecting your company data is a key objective for us. We will manage the daily protection of your data and ensure that data can be retrieved as and when required. We can also support more comprehensive disaster recovery options to protect your business.