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• Leveraged technical expertise
• Pro-active monitoring and maintenance


Good quality, reliable connectivity is imperative to businesses performance and achieving the competitive advantage. As one of the oldest licensed Internet Service Providers in South Africa, SybaWeb understands how having the correct business connectivity solution in place influences business productivity, effectiveness and performance.

It is the difference between a slick well-oiled workplace and one that struggles to reach its potential, owing to constant issues due to slow connectivity speeds and reliability. Good internet performance & reliability are key for the modern business. Services that have regular problems and hinder the work of the company cost time and money and could ultimately lead to slowing down of work processes leaving workers at their desk but unable to complete even the simplest of tasks.

SybaWeb’s connectivity solutions are tailored according to your enterprise, taking into account factors such as location, staff components, workplace network, contention ratios, costing, redundancy and many others to ensure that the most capable, cost effective solution is implemented.

SybaWeb business connectivity solutions include:

LTE & Mobile