ICT HEALTH CHECK – So how Cyber Fit are you?

Sybaweb is offering a No Obligation ICT Health Check to Businesses currently operating in the Covid-19 environment!
Cyber Security and all round ICT Health can be a vague area for most industry outsiders and non-technical individuals. Unfortunately, this often means that we only realise its importance when we are in the middle of a crisis. Knowing where your Company is most vulnerable is the first step to strengthening and securing your IT environment.

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Business Continuity Risk – Coronavirus

Preparing your Business against the Coronavirus

The Covid-19 virus pandemic brings Business Continuity into sharp focus.
Now is a perfect time to build and test the resilience of the Business Continuity Process for your organisation.

There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic will have a long-term impact both on businesses and the economy, and amongst the uncertainty, businesses should do everything possible to mitigate the risk and ensure business continuity.

With the unprecedented urgency to contain or eradicate the spread of the virus, protecting your staff, your most valuable asset, is vital. To this end, it may become necessary to temporarily require that the bulk of employees work from home.

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5-Steps to Protect your Business

5 Steps to Protect your Business

Most businesses we speak to appreciate the danger of cyber crime but believe they’re covered and it won’t happen to them. The statistics on the increase in cyber-attacks and hacking incidents on Small and Medium size Businesses tells a different story. In April 2019, Fin24 reported that 10,000 cyber-attacks are carried out per day in South Africa, up by 22% year on year. What used to be considered a threat only to large corporates, is now affecting everyone, including SMEs.
In this article we take a look at the 5 steps you can take to protect your business from cyber attack and hackers.

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Are you ready for your trusted Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 products to go on retirement?

As from January 2020 all Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 products will no longer be supported.

What does this mean to your business?

There are several implications but the major one is security.
Microsoft’s decision to no longer support these products means that Windows will no longer supply vital security patches that keep your machines safe. Not even the latest Anti-Virus will be able to help those machines in the event of an attack. And in the event of an attack, any damage done is almost irreversible. The impact to your business could be catastrophic.

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