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About Us

About Us

We are an established and trusted service and solutions innovator, providing quality and individualized IT solutions to businesses for the past 20 years within Southern Africa.

We have offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban and our services extend both locally and internationally.

Our aim is to provide excellent service and quality product offerings to all our clients operating in a number of industries, including Engineering, Manufacturing, Finance and a number of other fields catering to small and medium businesses.

SybaWeb was recently recognised, for the second year running, as one of the top 501 Managed Service Providers globally in the prestigious MSPmentor 501 list for 2014 and is the only licensed ISP in South Africa to have made this list.

Our Story

Established in 1995, our ownership has remained privately held. We value our independence as this allows us to move fast as technology advances, and to embrace emerging trends, but above all it makes it fun to work here.

As one of the oldest independent Internet Service Providers in Southern Africa, holding IECS and IECNS licenses, we have grown from our Cape Town ISP origins to embrace a Managed Services footprint that operates and supports clients nationally, and across the continent, achieving global recognition through our ranking on the Global 500 MSP Mentor list for service excellence.

Additionally, our specialized local and international cloud hosting stack configurations are uniquely customized to support the needs of each of our clients operating in local and international markets.

Our Strategy

At SybaWeb we're big on being a part of our client's short, medium and long term ICT strategy and over the years have developed what we feel is a winning approach. This approach is based on two simple principles.

Every snowflake is unique

Developing purpose built solutions to meet our clients' unique needs provides the most efficient solutions to seemingly complex problems.

Crystal Balls don't work

We can't predict what great innovation will come next, or what is going to happen in the world economy, these and many factors make it impossible to accurately predict the future of ICT. What we can do is keep our finger on the pulse and strive to provide adaptable solutions and platforms that are poised and ready for change.

Our strategy for assisting clients in ICT planning involves regular consultation to identify pressure points and changes in the client's overall business strategy. We then use our vast knowledge of current and emerging technologies to find the best fit for the moment, while keeping in mind that the best technologies allow for rapid adaptation to unforeseen changes in your business and the ICT landscape.

Our Team

Our Team is a focused unit of business and technical professionals operating in a windows and open source environment. By creating a strong balance between our technical expertise and our business management acumen, developed through experience in the international corporate environment, we are keenly placed to identify with our clients' business needs and translate these into business focused ICT solutions.

Andreas Nel


Clare Nel


Brendon Earp-Jones


Wendy Isaacs

Wendy Isaacs


Pat Turner


Kirk Palmer


Our Value

SYBAWEB's value proposition is delivered by taking complete management responsibility for our clients' entire information technology environment and executing a business specific information technology strategy.

Through this approach we ensure optimum operational performance , cost efficiency and sustainability with the result that our clients will maximize the profitability of their ICT. Our management strategies, protocols and systems are underwritten by our adherence to industry benchmarks and information technology best practice.

Our Promise

Our promise of QUALITY, ABILITY and FREEDOM ensures we consistently deliver a superb service. Our ABILITY to deliver a QUALITY service to our clients means we strive to give our clients the FREEDOM to focus on their core business while we worry about their IT.


Our QUALITY can be found in our history and the excellence of the offerings we provide.

We have honed our listening skills over many years. Listening to our clients allows us to offer solutions that fit their needs and achieve their objectives. We say that solutions that fit needs and achieve objectives every time are QUALITY.


Our ABILITY can be found in our proven track record.

At SybaWeb we make sure that we keep up to date with international trends and best practice so that the services we implement are totally current, with the added flexibility to implement new solutions in a quickly changing environment.

We recognize that each new client has unique needs and objectives. We say that the commitment to meet these needs and objectives every time improves our ABILITY to meet the next challenge.


As a wholly owned private company we have the FREEDOM to be able to make independent and excellent choices for our clients without concerns of bias or influence. We say that our FREEDOM provides our clients with the greatest choices and available options. We say that providing transparent and accountable options to our clients every time ensures we offer the best available solutions.