Quality • Ability • Freedom

  • Our QUALITY can be found in our history and the excellence of the offerings we provide
  • Our ABILITY can be found in our proven track record
  • We say that our Corporate FREEDOM provides our clients with the greatest choices and available options

Our Story

Established in 1995, our ownership has remained privately held. We value our independence as this allows us to move fast as technology advances, and to embrace emerging trends, but above all it makes it fun to work here.

As one of the oldest independent Internet Service Providers in Southern Africa, holding IECS and IECNS licenses, we have grown from our Cape Town ISP origins to embrace a Managed Services footprint that operates and supports clients nationally, and across the continent, achieving global recognition through our ranking on the Global 500 MSP Mentor list for service excellence.

Additionally, our specialized local and international cloud hosting stack configurations are uniquely customized to support the needs of each of our clients operating in local and international markets.